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Quarterly Review (my heart on film)


For 2018 I set a goal that was more for my family than my business, but the way it has already impacted my work has been so positive I feel like I need to share it here. As a film photographer, there’s a price tag on my work. Whether it’s personal or professional, every time I click the shutter button it costs me somewhere between .60 and $1.50. Every single time.

I still shoot film because I believe in it, heart and soul. I believe that my work on film has more depth and feeling and allows me to practice detachment and embrace imperfection in really meaningful ways. So, for all but rare occasions when for some reason digital is a better match (like at births where unpredictable conditions make the flexibility of digital a lifesaver!), film is worth it to me. The irony is that until this year I would let my film cameras gather dust between client sessions. My own family got the iphone treatment, and the subsequent lack of print-worthy or memorable photos. And (maybe just as importantly?) I felt discontent and limited as an artist attempting to execute my personal projects on the wrong medium.

So, for 2018 I made a promise to myself to shoot more film just for me. Both of my own kids and family, and also just for fun, for art, for experimentation, just because. My “naked ladies” (more official name TBD) where I lean heavily on my long time photographic inspiration Imogen Cunningham are one example of that, and these imperfect colorful slices of our life are another:

Quarterly Review (my heart on film)

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