hey! i'm tula.

I'm behind the camera to empower YOU.

Do you know how beautiful you are? Right now. Right here. Yes, in those yoga pants. By co-creating art we can break down some old negative ideas about appearance and I can help give you physical reminders (hello, prints and albums!) of how stinkin’ beautiful you are (pinkie swear!). I truly treasure every boudoir session I have the privilege of shooting and I am so excited to capture images that will help you see your beauty.

Empowering women and especially mothers to feel good in their bodies is why I do what I do. And I'm not a traditional boudoir photographer for two main reasons: 

I don’t believe you need makeup or lingerie or fancy lighting and poses to be beautiful. And two: my boudoir sessions are for you.

If you have a spouse or partner I doubt they’ll hate your pictures 😉 but this is for your own enjoyment. Your own need to feel perfect and whole and beautiful in your skin exactly as you are.

I grew up some in rural NC, some in urban Los Angeles, and moved to Seattle after high school. Yup, you guessed it – I love biscuits, street food, and extra dry cappuccinos. Also love: my sweet family, s’mores, fall weather, that weird almond scented hand soap, reading books, terrible reality television, snuggles, waffles and many other basic but delightful things.

we'll make some magic together...

If you want authentic portraits of a moment in time and have struggled to accept and believe you're beautiful and worthy right here in this exact moment, I'm your girl!

We’ll probably laugh, there could be tacos, and there will almost definitely be coffee. Most importantly, you'll leave feeling brighter and more beautiful than when we started.

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Who are you/what’s up with all the pictures of naked people?

Oh hey, well you saw that I’m Tula and you have obviously seen that yes, I tend to take lots of pictures of naked folks. Not exclusively, but when birth and boudoir both feature it is a common theme. It wasn’t always this way :) I have been dabbling in photography since I built a darkroom in my bathroom at age 11, but then I went and got my BA in Communication and MS in Family Therapy and became a real live therapist. After being in the field, having my first child, and being frustrated with the limitations of real life therapy practice; I started moving back to my first love of photography. 
Around the time I shot my first birth, I quickly realized that these pictures were breaking down barriers for women that I hadn’t been able to get through in talk therapy. Telling you you’re beautiful and you’re strong is one thing: showing you is another. People were getting their galleries and telling me that insecurities they had had since middle school didn’t make sense anymore because they didn’t match who they saw in their images.
After I started getting that feedback and seeing how these photos were empowering people: I was hooked. 

How long can I take to pay?

In most cases, as long as you need! I have no problem having a conversation about how to make my services affordable for as many people as possible. For pregnant people, this often means paying a little each month before baby is born. For boudoir, we can schedule out a ways and do the same - or if you think you’ll lose your nerve we can do the shoot and hold the images for a while. I want to make it work for you! 

Where are your sessions?

With very few exceptions, I shoot in my clients homes. I will ask you a few questions about when the most light is available in rooms you may want to shoot in and we will plan accordingly. I want your shoot to feel like home - in your body and mind, and I have found that generally being in your own space is the best way to accomplish that. 

Do you share everything online?

Absolutely not. I love sharing what my clients are comfortable with but there is NO obligation ever to be ok with sharing. I will ask about general comfort level in conversation prior to our shoot and I ask again after my clients see their gallery to make sure nothing has changed! You will never ever be surprised by a picture of your butt on the internet coming from me.

Will you retouch my pictures? Can you make me look skinny?

So...yes and no. I do not airbrush anything and I will not make you look like someone else. However - if you wake up the morning of our shoot with an out of nowhere crazy zit on your chin and you’d rather not have that be the feature - yes, I got you, consider it gone. As far as “make me look skinny,” here’s the deal: it’s my job to be looking for and shooting the most flattering angles and poses for YOU. I want to elevate the beauty that naturally exists, so while I will not create anything digitally that wasn’t there in person - it is definitely the goal for you to love the way you look! 

When I lose 30lbs I am so there!

This isn’t a question but I think it’s the number one comment I get. People message me loving my sessions, wanting to have one when they lose the weight/work out more/whatever. Honestly, that never happens. If you’re unhappy and uncomfortable with your body you probably will feel the same in however many pounds. I started taking pictures of naked folks specifically to challenge this whole mentality. As much as I love celebrating a goal - I love celebrating you where you are MORE. I believe that each and every one of us is worthy and beautiful right where we are today and I want to show you. 

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