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Empowered Hospital Birth at Betty Cameron


It’s no secret that I love birth, not just birth photography. I believe in the sacred and transformational power of the process on the mother, baby, and relationships around them. Although I hope and strive to create beautiful images (despite the curveballs of lighting, location, and timing that birth photography often throws at me!), my biggest wish is that through my images I can help women to feel more empowered in their bodies and relationships and better able to take on their new role as mother (for the first or tenth time).

I meet with all my birth mamas at least once in person prior to them hiring me (well, actually there have been a couple exceptions to that but that is another story for another time!), and I strive to get an idea of what the goals are for the birth, the reasons for wanting photography, and to be as open and candid as possible so that they can determine whether I am the right person to add to their birth environment – this is so important y’all!  This amazing mama had such a powerful story of transformation, and was so clear on her wishes for this birth and for photography to document how far she had come physically and emotionally since her first child was born. She also let me know that her husband was so amazing at supporting her and that capturing that connection was super important to her. That turned out to be the easiest part of my job because that dude rocked it! Oh and he totally caught that baby, NBD.

It was such a joy to work with this family and to give her this physical reminder of how powerful, beautiful, and strong she and her family are.

Thanks as always to the amazing staff and midwives at Betty Cameron for being wonderful and accommodating of this crazy photographer and her camera 😉

Empowered Hospital Birth at Betty Cameron

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