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Empowering Maternity Boudoir


There is no time when our body does us a greater service, or displays more miraculous strength than when it is in the process of growing another human being – or in this case, two humans!

I have recently put more emphasis on my boudoir photography, because I believe what I have to offer through these sessions is something truly needed in this world. I hope to be a safe place to land, a refuge from the harsh words that have been spoken, the diet plans, the endless fight. I come to you as a representative for the beauty of your self in its current form.

I can’t say I make art in these sessions, truly. The body is the art. But I can see the art and elevate it, unencumbered by clothing or setting. I want you to celebrate your body and I want to give you tangible proof of your worthiness and your beauty today.

I am so grateful to this mama for her willingness to share her session and her story and strength. I think we are all better for her light.

Empowering Maternity Boudoir

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