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Sweet Wilmington Fresh 48 Newborn at Home


One otherwise ordinary weekday morning last summer I was invited into the home of this sweet new family of five to photograph their newborn baby and new normal. I will level with you all: if I walk into a session and am immediately offered french press coffee – we’re probably going to be friends 😉 Above and beyond their excellent taste in coffee, these folks are just delightful humans and also part time supermodels (if not they should be! are you listening Wilhemina??).

Did you know that a “Fresh48” session can happen after you are home from the hospital and have showered a couple times? It’s true. And your big kids can be there too. Maybe this should be called a “fresh 72” or 96, or whatever. Regardless, it’s one of my very favorite things to photograph.

We had big kid antics, hair-brushing refusals, and a little newborn babe who wanted to nurse, nurse, nurse (pro tip: most of them do); but when I look back at these photos I see the warm glow of comfort and family and love that I felt that day with them and I so hope that they do too. To me, this is what lifestyle photography is for: to capture the love and the memories without the stress or the pressure. Your photo session can truly be just an everyday morning at home: leave it to me to find the beauty (it’s kind of my job ;)).

Sweet Wilmington Fresh 48 Newborn at Home

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