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R + M: Couple Session at Carolina Beach State Park


Recently I sat at a meet and greet with a future birth client and explained my perspective as a photographer, what I focus on and my “why,” and in that moment it clicked for me in a way that it never has before. I explained that what I am obsessed with is relationships, and that for that reason my camera will always gravitate towards moments between people – sometimes that is between a mama and her unborn child, sometimes between siblings, and sometimes between partners. I have loved and practiced photography for well over a decade but after my intermission in family therapy training and practice, it became really obvious that my true love is people.

It should make sense then, I hope, that this session was so fun for me to do. These two have two adorable girls but just for this night, just for this session, we left them at home. This was a couple hours to celebrate this relationship, the love that built a family and home and will endure after those sweet babes have flown the nest. I always try to catch a few frames of just the parents during family sessions but I really loved the chance to take a whole session to document this relationship.

And you know, just sayin’….if you have an anniversary or birthday, or *ahem* a major holiday coming up this might be a beautiful gift for that special someone so give me a call (or shoot me a text if you’re allergic to cold calling strangers like I am). 910-557-2770

Hey film nerds, I didn’t forget about you! Mamiya 645 AF, Portra 400 & 800, Tri-X 400; developed and scanned by The FIND Lab.

R + M: Couple Session at Carolina Beach State Park

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