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Fine Art Boudoir: Wilmington NC Film Photography


I say “fine art boudoir” when I talk about this work because I feel that aligns with my mission to create lasting works that empower and inspire my subjects. The focus is not so much on lingerie and overt sexuality, but rather on the inherent beauty of the human form.

I work in my clients’ homes because I think that it allows more personality than a neutral studio environment. Also, there’s no place like home ;). For my sessions, comfort is the most important thing. I feel that in this case the warm and cozy, yet boldly artistic environment shines through.

For each boudoir session I shoot, I typically remember a feeling when I look back at the images. A pot of tea, a smoothie bowl, a little yoga stretching. That deep blue wall and perfect light puddles. To have the opportunity to shoot with an accomplished artist was such a joy and privilege. This session was truly dreamy, with all of the beautiful moody colors and interesting natural light a girl could dream up. I love that we were able to create these timeless art pieces together.

Fine Art Boudoir: Wilmington NC Film Photography

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