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Welcome Baby Z: Wilmington Birth Photographer


I was nervous about attending this birth because this mama had let me know that she wanted to have an intimate and private birth experience for this, her fourth baby girl. She wanted documentation but was concerned that she would be put off by having a camera in her face while she was trying to labor. I believe I am unobtrusive in a labor environment, but still – nervous, nervous.

To make a long story very very short: I am so glad I was there. This was an incredible delivery with a rockstar mama and (most importantly!) she let me know later that she didn’t notice me at all! Phew! It was such a honor to witness the love that this family has for each other and the joy that filled the room when littlest sister was born was palpable. I am so grateful to them for their trust to capture this amazing day.

Have you considered hiring a birth photographer? Let’s chat! I’d love to buy you coffee and hear about your journey thus far and your plans for birth – and of course there’s absolutely no pressure! Like any birth professional, I would recommend you meet at least a few of us to determine who would be the best fit for you.

Welcome Baby Z: Wilmington Birth Photographer

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