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Betty Cameron Hospital Fresh48 Newborn Session on Film


I have been oversharing images from this gorgeous family’s birth and fresh48 session all month because, I mean – LOOK AT THEM. Harder to explain why I have taken so dang long to go ahead and blog their pretty faces but here it is.

As a birth photographer, I am just a little addicted to the incredible first days of a new baby’s life: the love is almost overwhelming, just glancing in the direction of her babe gives mama that star struck look, and things are a little messy, sure. Hard, sometimes. But I am fairly certain there is no other time like birth and immediately after to capture true, authentic human relationships. Which is kinda my jam, in case you hadn’t noticed 😉

Having the absolute honor of being invited into this sweet mama’s birth space and then to have the chance to go back the next afternoon and catch all these sweet moments was definitely one of those times where I felt extraordinarily lucky to do what I do. And hey, if you are interested in some help telling your family’s story, let’s chat! Birth stories, fresh baby stories, bellies, birthdays, and just love love love. I want to get to know your family and show you how beautiful you are.

Of course for you film nerds out there (hi! I love you!): Canon EOS 3, Portra 800 and Tri-x 400; scanned by the good folks at the FIND lab.

Betty Cameron Hospital Fresh48 Newborn Session on Film

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