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A January Home Birth in Wilmington, NC


For birth photography, I am on call from 37 weeks until baby shows up and this sweet babe kept us all waiting for his arrival! Of course it was well worth the wait, and when the time came his amazing mama rocked his labor and birth; making what is never easy look it.  Her husband took the coach role to the next level with his kind words and affirmations the whole way through, and of course I loved seeing big sister engage in the birth process and her interest in supporting her mama. Those family photos in the pool are some of my very favorites. Having siblings at births really cements the concept of birth as every day – and yet miraculous. I love watching how even young toddlers seem to intuitively grasp the intensity of the moment, and I have yet to see a sibling distressed or upset by labor or birth. I hope that having birth photography will allow them to look back on their presence at their siblings’ births and be meaningful for them throughout their lives.

Working with my good friends and some of the best care providers in Wilmington was just icing on this very sweet cake 😉

Maybe in fifty more births I will think of the words for being allowed to be a part of these incredible moments, but for now I will keep saying simply that it was such an honor to be part of this birth story and help to welcome this precious baby earth side surrounded by his amazing family.

A January Home Birth in Wilmington, NC

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